Random Thoughts 1

Why do people hurt other people? Why do others feel that they have to judge the lives of others? In a world full of sin and horrible disease, you would think that we could find a way to coexist. I feel that a book that was written by man, 1000’s of years ago, wouldn’t be able to predict the changing climate of the world. The book I speak of was written out of love and worship. These are qualities that many people that are different have in common. If the basis is love then why is that not the number one priority of the world. There are many different religions and so few of them teach a lesson that doesn’t involve love.

Which one is right? Which one is wrong? Just like there are different belief systems in the world and different cultures – could it be that God himself had to come before those people to identify with them? Perhaps it is far fetched but could it be that he knew that other cultures wouldn’t understand him in any other form than the one they could interpret? Sometimes I think that the religions that contain the basic commandments are one in the same. Taking someone’s life, stealing, raping, doing any harm to others, feels wrong to most of the people of our world. Why? Because we all have a conscience and a soul. Who I am to damn those who do not follow a certain religion? For I am no one and cannot judge those before the higher power that exsists. One day everyone will be judged and hopefully it will be by the kindness of their soul and not the way the look or how they chose to live their life.

Some people need love in the form of companionship to feel good about themselves. If love is the true nature of your soul how can you or anyone for that matter be wrong. I have a friend who follows the Cristian religion. He thinks gays, transgender, and lebians are going to hell. Yet, he has three children out of wedlock and has no intention of marriage. He gawks at women passing by and covets them. His favorite phrase is, “she could get it.”

I couldn’t pass judgement on him what gives him the right to pass judgement on anyone else. This is just a small example of the hypocrisy going on in the world. I believe that any person of intelligence can easily see what is going on in the world. We have become slaves to tradition. There are few pioneers who have ventured off the “path” and did admirable things that are in line with the core values of any religion.

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