a Short Story by Raquel Swann

I peered at you from across the crowded bar. You’ve been glaring at me for at least a half hour. Every time I gaze back you seem to lower your chin and tuck your eyes towards your drink as if to play hard to get. I notice things about you that are not obvious to most men. You have a fitted black and red corset clinging to your body for dear life. Your bust is in perfect proportion with your body type. They protrude from your garment and happily say hello to the world, it’s fabulous! Those shiny carbon black jeans, which appear to have been painted on your body by a well skilled artist, show off your buttocks in the most flattering way.

You smile at me again and I catch you this time. Our eyes meet from the great expanse between my table and the bar. I notice more about you that intrigues me to no end. The color of your lipstick is candy red, lined with a fine caramel accent – the perfect match for your olive skin. Your almond shaped eyes are airbrushed with dark crimson and matches those plump collagen filled lips like no other. The eyeliner you chose is jet black and it wings upwards in the corner towards your thinly shaped brows. Your hair, oh, your hair is dark and curly and falls over part of shoulders and back and reminds me of a mannequin in a window on Rodeo Drive. Perfect.

You give up this little game and approach from the other side of the bar and introduce yourself. I look at you intently and offer a genuine smile to you. I tell you that you look beautiful and you seem to blush a bit. Your cheeks are flushed and you seem so interested. I feel awkward and afraid. This woman I have been sizing up for the last thirty minutes is standing in front of me.

Then I tell you the reality. I lean in a say, “hey gorgeous. I want to be you. I want to look like you so bad. That is my ultimate dream.”

You walk away, although flattered; you realize what about me was so different. I feel bad – I didn’t mean to lead you on but one day when I lose the weight and make some changes – you are my prototype. Thank you for this encounter. I shall never forget it


  1. georgiakevin

    i completely understand your heart. i am not now nor have ever been as brave as you are. You are a wonderful writer as well!


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