The Light…

a Poem by Raquel Swann

The light shines upon you and pain goes away.

49 souls went to heaven this day.

The lord has mercy on those who are true.

May the lord have wrath on those who are cruel.

We that are left here with questions to ask.

Are faced with the complications of a difficult task.

To make sense of senseless acts of hate.

With those seeking violence deciding our fate.

It could’ve been me and it could’ve been you.

Hug and kiss your family before each day is through.

Because nothing is promised and you’ll never know.

When you’ll be in a hail of gunfire with nowhere to go.

Reach out for love whatever your faith,

sexuality, religion, gender, or race.

For those seeking hatred know this much is true.

The error of your ways will catch up with you.

Because the light shines upon the good and thier pain goes away.

1 soul is suffering in hell on this day.

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