Our Children

As I sat in my bedroom one night, I pondered on how horrible the world has become. At first I listened to the people on television that seem to think thier opinion matters more because they have the ability to reach a vast audience. Some of these “intelligent” beings seem to surmise that it is social media that is causing the issue. In other words, the world has always been terrible and filled with scum but because social media brings them to the forefront we as a people can all discover them.

Well if the blame is on Facebook, or Twitter, or YouTube then it falls back on us doesn’t it? I mean we watch these terrible awful events unfold and sometimes we chuckle or show our friends. What some of us don’t seem to do is explain to our children what is happening around us. Education is the number one prevention method to secure our future.

Children should know what behavior is completely unacceptable. To hit someone is wrong. To think that someone is inferior because of the color of their skin is wrong. To incite fear and anger in others is wrong. To make excuses for your short comings by conveniently blaming others is wrong. To hate based on gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or age is wrong. To allow others to place a lesser worth on you is wrong. To sit there and speak about others behind thier back is wrong. To think that you have a say in how another person lives thier life is wrong. To think that you alone have all the answers and your way is the “correct” way is wrong. Anything deemed illegal is wrong. To raise your hands in anger against another human is wrong. Objectification of one sex over the other is wrong.

Everyone deserves to be happy, period. Our children need to understand this simple concept. Social media is a powerful tool but in the wrong hands it is dangerous. So – the next time you decide to share something or say something,  think about the children. The ones that may be watching and learning. Use your social media to connect with friends, or make new friends, or at the very most – use it as a way to educate the future of our world.

If there is a politician who makes idiotic remarks about how they plan to divide our country or world – don’t speak thier name. Don’t help them in any way, shape of form.

Do not share the hate! Become the wall between the filth, and crap, and the terrible things that happen daily  for our children.  Be a beacon of light! Teach them how love can conquer all and how there will always be bad people in the world but they didn’t start out that way.

I am coming to terms with the changes that are happening in me and I only worry that my children’s opinions will Be mainly formed by someone else! We all have this responsibility even if you don’t have children.

If some douche bag tells you he wants to make “America Great Again” then tell him to start with education, move to compassion, dash is a ton of tolerance and diversity, and then sprinkle in some love. Celebrate the differences in everybody and try to understand different point of views.

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