Will to Live

a Poem by Raquel Swann

You say you haven’t the will to live

You’ve already prepped and readied the shiv.

You may as well place it in my vein

Because I have to go on and endure the pain.

You somehow cannot stand yourself

I’ve read all the books that were on the shelf.

I still can’t show you what you don’t see.

If you hurt yourself, you’d hurt me.

Is there a way or chance I can show

Some of things you just don’t know.

Those people who have brought you here

When there is love to give will not be near

I am the one who sees this light,

Burning within you – it shines so bright

I love you deeply with all my heart.

The hurt inside you tears me apart.

Your story is not over so don’t close the book

Here is my mirror just take a look

At who you are and what you mean

Your future will always remain unforeseen

Just when you think things are at their worst.

Before you kill yourself, just kill me first.

Think on it hard and you shall find

It’s not what you’d gain but what you’d leave behind.

There will be love waiting right here.

No matter the price, never you fear.

The love I can give, use as your crutch.

I’ll always be here to remind you how much.


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