The definition of born is simply, ‘existing as a result of birth.’ Oddly enough, the main definition of birth is, “the start of  life as a physically separate being.’ This is what we will focus on in today’s revelation.

Is it possible that word birth itself can represent something other than the meaning that has been etched into our minds? To me it means that the day of my birth may be months or years away from today. For some, life has not started yet in the sense that they have not become what they were meant to be.

It is actually possible to witness the birth of a drug addict becoming clean. The kind of clean that will certainly last forever. How about the birth of a leader who finally finds his or her calling in life and becomes the person they were meant to be, finally.

This is a gift. To have this or reach this pinnacle in life is nothing short of a miracle. A miracle means, “an accomplishment that brings very  welcome consequences.” Although it does not specify which point of view claims the miracle as their own, I would imagine someone else’s miracle can be another’s tragedy.

Consequences is defined as, “a result or effect of an action or event.” This simply stated is that your birth will be nothing less than a miracle. Please open your eyes and allow yourself to witness these miracles every day. It will enrich your life, make you understand all points of view.

One day I will be born into the person I have yet to become and it will be my miracle. I just hope there will be loving, caring people around me to share the moment. When will your day come? This is truly an exciting time for me and my writing. I’m glad I get to share these moments with you. Please comment and thanks for reading.

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