an Erotic Poem by Raquel Swann

You lay there

Anticipating. Waiting. Wanting.

Is it the way my lips

Pressed against your neck?

Softly, deeply, just the way

You like it.

I have your attention, it’s clear.

Like a soldier, standing tall,

At my command.

In a breath, you release a sound

Of pleasure. An earthly tone

I had not heard from you.

Is it the way my hands wrap

Around you?

Moving up and down as you throb.

This is a battle you will lose, surely.

Undeniably. Your toes curl outward

As the muscles in your legs tighten up.

I watch you grasp the pillow by your side.

Is the way my mouth moves upon you?

My tongue rolls around in circles

As I ascend and descend. I can taste you.

It’s only a matter of time now.

Do you give up?

My mouth waters for you.

You convulse and tremble.

I drink from you.

A sweet nectar I worked so dilligently

To secure. At ease solider. You will live

To fight another day. I move up your body

With my lips. Slowly, steady, kissing

Every Inch on the way up.

Our lips touch, our tongues connect.

Can you taste what you have given me?

I feel your hands running through my

Hair. I pull away and you look scared,

Confused, ashamed. Unaware of this

Appetite you have had, all along.

I too have what you need. Let me give you

What you desire. I hold your head firmly

And nudge you to your destiny.

Embrace it as I have.

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