Flash Fiction by Raquel Swann

“I don’t even know who you are anymore,” she yelled to me. Her voice doused with frustration and anger. Tears rolled down her cheeks as if some horrible injustice had been laid upon her. With hands shaking and voice trembling she continued to weep. There was no way to console her, it was far too late, her mind was made up. She was convinced.

“Am I not the person you met ten years ago?” No response.

“Am I not the person that you had so much fun with? The person you called your soulmate?” Silence.

“Am I not the one that was there when your father had passed away?” Nothing.

“Am I not the one who helped you raise two beautiful children?” A pin could drop and make more noise.

“Am I not the one who took fifty million baths with you while we sang Eighties dance hits?” Her mouth slowly opens and sound escapes, finally.

“What about the time you rushed home because I wasn’t answering the phone and you scared that something had happened to me?” A storm of tears and sobs gives way to a smile and some sunshine on her face.

“So you do know me.”

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