a Poem by Raquel Swann 

In a nightmare, you were there.

I thought I had locked my door,

I thought I had secured my windows,

I thought I was safe.

Though somehow you snuck in, bringing with you

Darkness and despair.

I never let you into my soul.

My heart was a beacon of light

Shining through the fog you created for me.

I learned from you, though.

That is something you didn’t expect.

I learned about myself, how strong

I am.

I learned that hair, nor weight gain, nor sickness,

Would define me. I fought you. Not with the tools

You wished me to fight with.

Not with hate.

Not with negativity.

Not with sorrow.

Not with despair.

You couldn’t win this battle and with that

You gave up. Like a coward in the night,

You snuck out that very same window

Without saying goodbye.

The faceless menace you are.

Some wish that your name is never uttered

Never spoken.

Never thought of.

I call you cancer.

Today is a beautiful day

The burden you placed upon me is released.

And may God protect me from you, always.


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