a Poem by Raquel Swann Dedicated to my friend Breana.

You hide behind beautiful lies.

Wonderful, terrible, pitiful, lies.

You glare at me, straight in my eyes,

And tell me mesmerizing, believable lies.

I love you, you said.

I need you, you fed.

Together until dead.

This summer we wed.

But another came along.

I bet you sing her the same song.

Oh, it won’t be very long.

Until the truth is proved wrong.

You still hide behind beautiful lies.

Horrible, glorious, shallow, lies.

A day will come when interesting eyes.

Will tell you terrible, sexy, awful, lies.

And I’m sure that much to your surprise.

You’ll be alone. Just you and those lies.

Those hurtful, deceitful, magnificent lies.

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