a Poem by Raquel Swann inspired by the movie “INCEPTION”


I close my eyes as my mind wanders

 I find myself at a celebration

   All my friends are there.

   Everyone is staring at me. 

   They look for answers. 

 I am afraid. I feel dizzy and I faint.

When I wake up I face a mirror

I am not myself.

I look beautiful. Elegant.

I am truly happy. But…

Someone is behind me they

I awake again. People stare.

As I walk through a mall.

Pointing fingers and laughter.

Pierces my soul. I am angry.

A man pushes me forward and

I open my eyes. A voice speaks

             Who are you, I ask. 

             I am you, she says.

             We are beautiful, I reply. 

             Of course, she says. She claps. 

The man stands over me. He smiles.

I rise and walk through a crowd.

I laugh at those who laugh at me

They are pitiful. Disgraceful.

I am proud. I hear an alarm.

My eyes open again. No one is there.

The mirror awaits, it beckons me.

I walk up to see my reflection.

I see me. She is no longer there.

I feel unhappy. Sad. I hear loud music.

Friends circle around me as I lay here. 

   On the floor smiling. They wait. 

   They need to know. So I speak. 

   I am transgender, I say. Some walk away.

   The music gets louder and I feel free. 

My eyes open to a new exciting day. 


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