Beautiful Days

Beautiful Days

a Short Story by Raquel Swann

***This is a story I wrote for a contest. I hope you enjoy it***

We should all live to see such beautiful days. A new beginning for mankind. Perhaps a parallel dimension where what we have inherently learned can be withdrawn from our minds. Those before us have passed along such wasteful thinking. Thoughts, which in another time or place, would be scoffed at or laughed at if someone even made mention of it. We should be the colors of the rainbow. The gorgeous hues when combined form a phenomenon that cannot be duplicated in nature. Why can that not be us? Our hearts must contain the blueprints for such splendor.  Why believe in anything else if the outcome has already been decided? The thought that the color of one’s skin or the religion they follow or whom they choose to fall in love with would make them inferior is preposterous, ludicrous, outlandish, and ridiculous. We have been taught wrong. We have been lied to.

Ceasing to chase the end of the rainbow is like taking the easy way out. It’s like studying for a test you’ll have to take five minutes from now. Just as bad as choosing to lie to the one you love because the truth is complicated.  For at the end of it – lives prosperity, happiness, equality, peace, love, and most of all humanity. A place where everyone is created equally and the choices they choose to make are respected and cherished. Laws are not being broken and our moral compass is always pointed north. Because north means that we are constantly improving as a species. North means that we will finally evolve into what I think was meant for us. At the end of the rainbow you will find that all colors run together. The vibrant days and starry nights are so majestic we won’t have time for prejudice and hatred. The happiest of places, indeed. If this is what you would find at the end of your rainbow would you not chase it? I hope we all will in the years to come.

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