a Poem by Raquel Swann


a whisper is all i need, just a sign.

a response, this madness is killing me.

a soft breath would be fine.

a sign that i’m not here all alone.

the beating of my heart is all i can hear.

that look of contempt isn’t enough.

i look up at you from the bottom of this well.

waiting for you to lower me a rope.

some kind of salvation that I won’t find here.

perhaps there is another exit.

maybe it’s time for me to start my search.

you still haven’t uttered a single word.

just a whisper. anything. nothing.

my mind has been made to be a prison.

holding me captive for many years.

the key is hanging from that hook on the wall.

say something, please.

a tiny murmur will do.

the pain I feel right now is immeasurable.

i don’t expect you to understand.

i suffer, i need you to just



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