Zero Barrier

Zero Barrier

a Poem by Raquel Swann


Returning to the world you used to know is impossible now.

You have reached zero barrier. The changes are finite.

You reached out for those that would care to listen to your heart.

You called out for those who you thought would follow you.

Now it’s just you and your convictions. Your life is in your hands.

Those that will be left behind have done so by their own accord.

Like a dense fog in the night, there is no turning back. No looking back.

Why should you? The universe is full of mystery.

There are things you need to discover. About yourself.

The road to self righteousness is lonely. Barren. Desolate.

It is possible to make new aquaintences along the way.

Everything you left behind before the fire blazed is lost forever.

Perhaps you could return one day. Unrecognizable. Alien to familiar eyes.
Walk through as if your memory has dissolved like a shooting star into the night.

And realize that nothing has changed about you except for your appearance.

Your heart and soul shall never be forsaken.


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