Paper Wad

Paper Wad

a Poem by Raquel Swann


I am used paper all tattered and torn.

The crumbled up trash that attracts others’ scorn.

I beg you to unfold me and stare at my lines.

For between them there is something important to find.

It’s me! I’m here! Lost on this page.

I’m tired of fighting these battles that wage.

Do you see the writing? It’s in invisible ink.

There’s more to my story that what you may think.

Please keep me close – don’t throw me away.

Hold on to me – even if just one more day.

I am writhing with pain and I just need to ask.

That you do your best to keep me out of the trash.

My margins are creased, I have smudges on my back.

I need you to be there when I’m back on track.

To take me over to the recycle bin.

Burning my imperfections and returning again.

A new piece of paper with an edge like a knife

To finally cut away this sadness and hurt in my life.

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