a Poem by Raquel Swann

There is more to see in the world than what your eyes can show you.

True friendship is eternal and rare.

The way you feel about yourself will dictate how you live your life.

Fears are just a way of keeping you at bay.

Achieving greatness can be just a few words away.

Happiness is closer than you think.

When the weather is clear will those people be there for you, still?

It is much easier to bask in the sun than to navigate the rain.

Walking through the winter will eventually bring on the spring.

Where are you when I need you most?

If I see again, one day = will you be there waiting when the bandages come off?

True love and devotion lie in the eyes of a child.

An innocent face that looks upon you without prejudice or judgement.

I shall succeed for you. I shall return for you.

I owe it to you to be the best person I can be no matter what that might mean.

You are the reason why I stay here. You are the reason why I am who I am.

In the end – you are the only ones that matter.

If I should go blind that would be the easiest thing to see.

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