a Poem by Raquel Swann


You are malignant.

Poison to my blood.

A bully in a schoolyard.

A black widow spider in a baby’s crib.

The bullet from a sniper rifle.

The power hungry policeman who holds the gun.

The politician with the most money.

The dangerous.

The deadly.

The ignorant.

Why can’t I live my life how I choose?

Why must you have a say?

Why do the sacred books you read matter?

Yet the love in my soul does not.

Only one can judge.

You are not him, her, nor them.

One day the world will evolve and leave you behind.

There will be no more forum to spew your sewage from atop soapboxes.

The new world will not accept you.

You will become extinct.

Look upon me with your judgement and disdain.

My true measure lies from within.

Your insecurities expose you.

You are the cancer in the nevous system.

We are the antidote for you.

We are the new age.

The intelligent.

The accepting.

The loving.

The caring.

The forgiving.

We are the future.

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