Election Talk

Let’s pretend for one minute that we are all American citizens. I don’t normally engage in political talks because they often lead to arguments (these days). Everyone would like to tell me why thier candiadate is the best and why the other party are a bunch of “losers” or “liberal assholes”. I will tell you this – if you believe (like I belive) in freedom of speech and freedom of expression and freedom to love whomever you want then you are among a new generation of people. A generation that believe in the future of our country. Why is it that some other countries have adopted progressive views when it comes to these subjects well before America? Why are we not the leader when it comes to social tolerance?

I feel like some people still want to subscribe to American Values as they were in the early 1900’s. If you are reading this and seem to think that the color of your skin or gender or sexual orientation has anything to do with your intelligence then please stop reading and find a time machine. I want this country to evolve past these old world values. If you are religious and feel that a certain group of people aren’t living up to your values – guess what? It’s not for you to judge. Your God or thee God is the only one who can. I know who I will vote for in this election because thier views match most of mine. However, that is not to say that both candidates have thier flaws. Because they certainly do and it is blaringly obvious.

Americans do have one thing in common. There are countries and/or groups out there that are willing to kill us all – the first chance they get. It doesn’t matter who we are or what our religion we represent. This should be a driving force for us to somhow find a way to coexist. Our values may be different but we are still a part of the same country. Being patriotic and intolerant at the same time cannot and will not work. Anyone that tries to seperate us is doing the wrong thing. If you have read this and assume I am speaking about your candidate right now then you are, unfortunatley, a part of this problem. I have mentioned no names nor did I give any insight as to what issues are most important to me.

Good luck and god bless all of us!

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