Healing Rain

Healing Rain

a Short Story by Raquel Swann

There I was, standing in the pouring rain. My clothing was soaked and I smelled like a wet rat.  I circled around the house and looked to see if the blinds were open. As I neared the window, I began to feel like a burglar at my own house. Luckily for me it was raining so hard, even if anyone dared to look out the window at this hour, they probably wouldn’t have been able to see me anyway. I wasn’t expected for a few days and I knew it would be a surprise, especially at three in the morning.

I pressed my face up against the window and noticed that the blinds were up. I wiped the window off with the sleeve of my jacket and peeked through. There she was looking all cozy and warm in her bed. She always slept on the side closest to the window. I thought about knocking but I didn’t want to scare the hell out of her. She would always freak out and scream at the top of her lungs if she saw a spider, a snake, any random creature that had a venomous relative. This would be much worse. I did notice the room was slightly illuminated. As I scanned it, I noticed the bathroom light was left on and some orange light escaped from underneath the closed door. Did she just forget it? Was someone there?

The light room darkened and I saw the door swing open. A figure emerged and laid down next to her in the bed! I was appalled.  I suddenly felt sick to my stomach. My whole world was turned upside-down. As I stood there in the window, my heart was literally breaking into pieces. I was getting ready to walk away when I heard a voice mutter something. She jumped up out of the bed screaming and they both saw me. I ran to the front of the house.

The porch light went on and the front door violently swung open and there he was.

“Michael! What the hell. You weren’t supposed to be back for two more days,” he said with a disgusting look of guilt on his face that sickened me.

“Things didn’t go as planned and they lost my luggage and my keys. I guess you and her aren’t just friends, huh?”

She darted outside and saw me standing there all soaked. She put her arms around me and led me back into the house.

“Mike. We love each other. I am truly sorry I told you different. I need to be happy again,” she said with tears in her eyes. Water filled my eyes as well.

“I understand, Mom,” I said. This was when I finally realized my mom was a real person with desires. Tim was the first man she was with since my father’s death. I finally grew up that day.

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