a Poem by Raquel Swann


It begins as a whisper

You listen to from time to time

Let down after let down

The soft voice hardens

It echoes in your mind

Like hallow caves

Beneath the earth

“You’re not good enough”

It says with no merit

No evidence

Yet, you believe what you hear

That is our nature

Is it not?

When will you realize

Those voices are merely

Careless, thoughtless doubt

Your worth is measured

Against gold, even platinum

Your friendship is valued

Amongst the highest

Commodities earth

Has to offer

You are much more

Then just another

Lost soul in a world

Of 7 Billion others

You are a friend

You embody the values

That will one day

Make the world special again

Let the whispers pass

Over and never give

Them a second thought.

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