Digital Love

Months had passed since she went away

Friends had told me take it day by day

“Give it time and you will find her” is where you were

Went on one date and it was splendid

The next day on Facebook we were friended

I loved your posts, almost every one

I added a like when there were none

You seemed to flirt with almost every guy

After you proclaimed that you were shy

Racist posts proved you weren’t the one

I texted you – “goodbye, it was lots of fun”

I really didn’t know that you’d be bitter

Until you online stalked me and defiled my twitter

You had me spinning in full digital retreat

I scrambled to the friend button and hit delete

That must’ve made you extremely pissed

Because you took out an ad about me on Craigslist

I figured out quickly I could run but not hide

When I went to my email – ACCESS DENIED

A message on Snapchat read –

“This won’t stop until you are dead”

I called the cops and they pushed me away

We were back together the very next day

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