Temporarily Sated

Temporarily Sated

a Poem by Raquel Swann dedicated

to my friend Sara, Happy Birthday!

In the shadows of thought

I often see no movement

Not a sound, not a whisper


In the corner of my eye

You appear

Radiant, Vibrant, Illusive

Am I dreaming?


Memories trapped in time

Of a Song you sung once

A feeling I had once

Time well spent, never forgotten

You were right about me

You read my fortune

Without the cards

You knew the ending of

A book I had not yet written

The curves of your face

The light in your smile

Warms my heart

If only for a moment

If only just a cameo

In a movie still in production

I work towards freedom

Of mind

Of heart

Of body

Of soul

For now, just a glimpse

Will do.

For now.

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