The Stranger

The world has expanded to over seven billion souls

Yet, my world shrinks exponentially

Not one, not even the person in the mirror

Is fond of me

When your intentions are revealed to those

That no longer align with your lifestyle

You’d be surprised how fast they disappear

Vanishing like burglars in the night

Escaping with a piece of your heart

Until there’s nothing left

Those thieves will leave you with an empty house

Empty heart, Empty Soul

One day you’ll pass them on the street

And they won’t remember you any longer

I’ll be the stranger they never knew

All those moments in time erased

Converstations lost in bottles at sea

Years of experiences gone forever

But it wouldn’t have be me that changed

it would have been them

Lack of knowledge

Lack of understanding

Lack of faith

That my appearance

Defines me

Should I achieve success and fortune

Would you dare remember this stranger then?

I hope not because my heart would be renewed

My vigor restored

And my memories forever tainted

You will be the stranger

That never listened when I needed you most

That left me in rain and stole my umbrella

The same person who watched as my ship sank

And did nothing.

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