a Poem by Raqeul Swann


The winds have changed direction, I let them take me

Thousands of puzzle pieces finally put into place

There is one piece left, it doesn’t fit any longer

Spin it around, sideways, sideways, flip it

Nothing changes.

The sun sets and time must move forward

A new day will come and it cannot be stopped

You, nor them have the power to alter space and time

In the darkest of hours waiting for the light


It was decided by the quorum

Only one vote will be cast, all others disqualified

An acceptance speech has already been prepared

The losses and fallout considered

This post-apocalyptic world belongs to us.

Scavengers in the wild, sustenance for the predators

Waiting for a change that the indigenous tribes

Will one day let us live, as they do

In cozy tents next to warm fires

For now we are not welcome

Perhaps someday that will change.



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