Fallen Seeds

Fallen Seeds

a Poem by Raquel Swann dedicated to my friend Darlene


The seed from a tree,

bearing rotten roots

beneath the surface of the earth,

falls to the ground.

The tree has been tainted,

a foul stench of decay

lingers and gets worse with time,

the seed barely escapes with its life.

The seed wants to grow

it wants to blossom

into something beautiful

transcending it’s own evolution.

Finally, after some time,

the whipping winds push it

to a patch of fertile ground

in a field with other seeds

that have braved the journey

from the vast unknown

to this place where

sunlight is abundant

and nutrients in the soil

are enough for a life time.

We are all in this together somehow

bound by honor and friendship

one by one we sprout, out

of the cold ground to find the warmth

that is inside of us.

Our roots are strong

and the trees we fell from

no longer matter.

You’re a flower now,

a violet, a rose, a gardenia,

whichever you choose.

A member of a family

you chose, and who chose you

in return.

We shall maintain this garden

until the end of time,

so when other seeds

make their way home

we can help them grow

just as you did for us.




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