a Poem by Raquel Swann


There once was this bully

as fierce as a lion

he wasn’t happy

until his victim was crying.


Nothing too sacred

Nothing too safe

Spewed all his hatred

There was no escape.


He would poke and prod

until you broke down

Others would laugh

At this ridiculous clown.


But none knew how deep

were the scars in his heart

While others were chuckling

it tore him apart.


He knew he was wrong

but for better or worse

He longed for attention

a horrible curse.



No one to know

the true person inside

the kindness, the love

he always denied.


Not one real friend

to call his own

on that winter’s day

when his cover was blown.


All of the friends

so fond of this man

went running from him

as fast as they can.


He feels the affects

of the words that he spoke

shoved down his throat

making him choke.


Lying and bullying

Caused him his strife

Be true to yourself

And live a good life.





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