a Poem by Raquel Swann

Our eyes meet from across a crowded room

My inner voice speaks to your inner voice

The conversation is quite pleasant

To say the least

They talk about how much pleasure

We could deliver upon each other

Those two have us striking every pose

Taking all positions, in places

Never before imagined.

Oh those two didn’t stop there,

Walks in the park

Strolls on the beach

Dinners at sunset

Breakfast in bed

Trips to Europe,

Perhaps Paris

It’s rather lovely this time of year.

It’s agreed that we shall

Marry in the spring

In New York City.

Central Park would do nicely

They mention children

And I’m not afraid

Of our future.

That voice inside tells me

To walk over and offer you a drink

So I do.

You decline me cordially.

It doesn’t make sense.

Our minds, our hearts, our desires


I tell you I saw you looking in my direction

But it wasn’t me, it was someone else,

You respond.

I walk away embarrassed

And hurt.

All those years ahead of us


I sit at the end of the bar

Until it closes

Perhaps you’ll change your mind.

You don’t.

My inner voice has

Been known to lie.

It’s so believable.


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