Tales in a Paragraph: Volume 1


Tales in a Paragraph: Volume 1

a Series by Raquel Swann 

I stood there counting the money like it belonged to me never taking my eyes off that little weasel. He had an anxious look about him and I know he’s just itching to make a move. One of those big talker types as far I as can see. Hollering and hooting about what a fine looking woman I was and how he’d love to bend me over until I pointed my pistol in his ugly mug. Suddenly he turns into a mouse making tiny squeaks begging for his pathetic life. He tells me he has children and a wife, so much for romance. Two thousand thirty-three dollars is hardly anything to brag about but it will pay for my baby’s medicine. Some asshole up on capital hill cancelled our insurance plan and no other company will insure us with her pre-existing condition. I grin and walk backwards towards the door keeping my eyes and gun on that dirtbag. If he only knew, I never would’ve pulled that trigger in a million years. Sometimes times get desperate and tough decisions must be made.






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