Tales in a Paragraph: Volume 3

Tales in a Paragraph: Volume 3

a Series by Raquel Swann

I weep without tears, worry with a straight face, and scream without sound. Trapped in a bubble of fear, waiting for you to release me from these confines. You think inwards, only about yourself and how my behavior somehow causes you distress. Yet, I’m drowning in a pool filled with unhinged emotion. There are no life preservers, nor boats, nor lighthouses, nor buoys. The savior I need is locked deep inside your heart and soul. Instead, you turn on the reservoirs and release more water onto me. As I sink, you watch as the bubbles of air float to the surface. I’m drowning and you ask me, “What’s wrong with you?” I reply, “nothing,” and you believe me. That’s how far disconnected we have become these days. Oxygen and time run short here at the bottom of this murky liquid. When I’m out of breath, my love for you shall die and I will be reborn into a life free from the┬ápain you create. Listen,┬ájust this one time before it’s too late.

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