Logical Hate

Logical Hate

a Poem by Raquel Swann


I watched from afar admiring

nothing about you.

Through social networks and friends

who weren’t really friends shared

your words of hatred with me.

Gasping, Coughing, Choking,

I swallowed my pride and listened

as you spoke about people you never met

and who never met you.

Wishing harm and ill will against them

desiring that your brand of logical hate

would somehow propel you to a place amongst the stars.

I have never named you like others did

I shall never plaster a face atop hatred and praise it

as others did.

The design of your masterplan was flawed

there are limits in this world

places we must never go

Things that should remain unsaid.

The voice of hatred has fallen from

a self made perch in the sky

made of bubble gum and popcicle sticks

Your books will remain unread

Your editorial columns left unkept

Your face will disspear from the memories

of our children.

But you will know, forever, that those

that created you, were not the same ones

who had you undone.

There is a difference.

Hate is logical, methodical, diabolical

Love is illogical, imprecise, compassionate.

My only wish for you is that the pain you feel

inside your heart is restored by a person

who teaches you that it is the

strongest emotion anyone

can possess.




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