a Poem by Raquel Swann


Excuse me

While I try to live my life

You spend your precious time worrying

That what I do, will not be good

For a world you have created in your terrible mind

A planet where bigotry and misogyny

Are perfectly acceptable

A wasteland where the religion you follow

Allows you to harm me

Allows you to ridicule me

Allows you to judge me

Your hatred is an infectious disease

Spread down from your ignorant kin

Words containing a virus filled with poison

Passed down for generations

I have the technology to deflect you

I have the means to ignore you

I have the will to know what is right

Inside my heart

For if you strike me I will become stronger

As others will discover your true nature

For if you kill me I will become an icon of peace

Giving others the knowledge

That there are people like you amongst us

The light of goodness shines within my soul

There has always been a darkness inside of yours

I surround myself with those

who see a future where

you cannot


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