a Poem by Raquel Swann


There’s a stranger in my bed

An alien in my head

An intruder in the mirror

A migrant in my stead

A soul without a place

A person without a face

In this foreign body

Cosmically misplaced.

You think it is my choice

Yet, I even hate my voice

Happiness escapes me

While those around rejoice

I’m searching for the time

When I can make me, mine

The person hidden inside

Of this horrible flawed design

You claim it’s not God’s plan

Yet, you won’t understand

From the beginning, the start

I never was a man

My companion is depression

Forced by this suppression

Of who I am and why you think

That dysphoria is an obsession

Those that don’t agree

Will just mis-gender me

I’ve been through hell and now I’m back

Please, just let me be

And, who really cares where I’ll pee

You be you and I’ll be me.

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