Micro Fiction by Raquel Swann

I glance over at you, repeatedly, every day. You don’t notice. It’s possible you don’t even know I exist. When you move, for some reason, it looks like you’re gliding through air. Perhaps you’re an angel dancing amongst the clouds. All I can do is stare into the sky and wish I could fly. I’m grounded, left wishing I had wings. Through your sapphire eyes, I have daydreamed of a future where we’d conversate and speak about the little things we have in common. Those little quirks which seem to spark new relationships. I find out you love romantic comedies, and as we giggle somehow the same movie titles escape our lips. We realize we’re perfect for each other, and we inevitably date. As we embark on new adventures together, I love the places you choose to take me, and you adore the activities I suggest. Soon after, we start to finish each other’s sentences. Others hate us because we never fight and treat each other with total respect. We find our special dinner spot and return there every year to celebrate our love. 

Days later, I run into you in the break room at work and suffocate on my words. I can only utter a simple, “Hi, how are you?” You nod and walk away. Don’t you realize your torturing me? Don’t you feel this connection? 

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