Pre Order Revelation!

Pre Order Revelation – Release May 31st!

Email me a screen shot of your purchase and receive Episode 2: “Premonition” for free in PDF form to your email on June 1st! 12 days early.

The GEM SPHERE SAGA kicks into high gear with the first installment, REVELATION. This short story series will feature 10 episodes, and will act as the precursor for The Gem Sphere Saga Trilogy to be released in the future.

Episode 1: “Revelation”
The days are growing shorter and darker on the Planet Arinore. Serkan, Prince of the Lamya, rushes home to be with his dying father, Malog. Within his father’s last moments, Serkan discovers a disturbing secret. His father has consorted with the Lamya’s sworn enemy, the Gornax. A possible solution that may save Arinore from destruction has been uncovered. However, the Gornax will need Serkan’s power and control of the elements in order to save the planet. Struggling with the death of his mother at the hands of these same Gornax, Serkan must find it in his heart to collaborate. Deep feelings of vengeance and retribution have poisoned his mind for as long as he could remember. Will he be able to cast his feelings aside for the good of his people? Can he save the planet and his race? Or will he let the past define the future?

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