Sneek Peek – Gem Sphere Series EP. 3 “Coronation”

Please enjoy this excerpt from “Coronation” – Episode 3 in the Gem Sphere Series. You may pre-order Episodes One and Two from the links below.

Gem Sphere Series – “Revelation”

Gem Sphere Series – “Premonition” 

Coronation Excerpt (Draft Form)

Trumpets blew in harmony as the casket which contained the body of the late King, Malog, was passed from hand to hand. It was tradition for every member of the Lamya tribe to place their hands on the King’s casket which would in turn give his heir good fortune for years to come. Serkan stood there silent as he watched hundreds of men, women, and children, pass the vessel on until it reached the burial grounds.

A hole in the ground had already been dug. The edges adorned with crimson Cala flowers and brilliant Violets. Two beautiful shades befitting a past monarch. A single tear separated from Larke’s cheek and fell on a flower petal beside his feet. With the future of Arinore hanging in the balance and the death of dear friend, Larke was overwhelmed with grief. Allanah placed her hand on Larke’s shoulder and squeezed as if to signify she understood his fears.

Serkan stared into blank space as the coffin made its way slowly towards the front of the crowd. Five warriors in ceremonial garb gently grabbed the box and carried it the rest of the way. Many onlookers were filled with tears as the casket was lowered into the ground. The people waited as Larke stepped forward and cleared his throat ready to speak on behalf of the King.

“To my kinsman and kinswoman alike,” he shouted, “with all great loses, such as this one, comes a time for rejoicing. Fear not, we are in excellent hands. The funeral of our King and our dear friend is also a time to reflect on how fragile life truly is. Malog passed into the nether realm and has rejoined with our creators. There I am sure they live in peace once again. I loved our King more than you could know as I’m sure you all did. He was just, fearless, and everything he did was for the good of all. I vow that to be truth. Please bow your heads in remembrance of our dearly departed King.”

Every member of the tribe pointed their heads towards the ground and closed their eyes. Serkan fought back his emotions as always. His head lingered for a moment as he scanned the village and did not notice anyone dishonoring his father. He bowed his head and closed his eyes still wrestling with his inner demons. He would not give in to sadness for it was the weakest of all emotions.

Larke continued, “You may now look upon your new King. Serkan, only son to Malog, and heir to the Lamya Kingdom, do you accept this responsibility?” Everyone focused their attention onto Serkan as he lifted his head and opened his eyes.

“I do accept this responsibility with honor and loyalty,” answered the Prince.

“Then bring forth the crown and let it be known, the Lamya have a new King this day.”

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