I Wish I Was An Animal

I Wish I Was An Animal

a Poem by Raquel Swann


Sometimes I wish I was an animal

not a care in the world

Perhaps a puppy,

to a loving owner.

I’d wag my tail,

they’d rub my fur

until I was fast asleep,

wondering how I was so lucky.

I could be a cat,

independent and curious

coming around humans

only when it was convenient.

Maybe living the life of an otter

would suit me,

swimming around, doing flips,

until nightfall, then I’d find a

cozy place to rest my head,

so I can do it all over again,


Then I thought,

animals have lots to worry about!

They have to worry about how humans

could eventually ruin the planet,

with our carbon emissions,

and pollution.

There is not a damn thing

those poor animals can do about it.

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