a Poem by Raquel Swann

I used to imagine a world, 

When I was younger 

Which was overrun 

By flying cars 

And skyways 

Built above ground

Napping as I jetted off to work

Not a care in the world. 

Autopilot on my helicraft

Or watching TV shows 

Whilst the voice of a robot 

Coaxed me into watching 

The in flight movie 

Tailored especially for

My diverse tastes. 

As I look around now 

Thirty some odd years later 

I notice the growing hatred 

Fueled by racial and social divide 

Cars won’t fly

And they shouldn’t. 

For on the ground 

Nazis march again

Against all that is good

In this world. 

Dancing to familiar tunes

With a old message meant 

For a different time

When humanity was naive 

And reckless. 

When we were divided. 

Will I out live these dark times

Or will they out live me. 

I’m not so sure any longer. 

Friends arguing with friends

Over a man who cares not 

For anyone or anything

But the lining of his pocket. 

2017, you disappoint me, 

And the little children 

Who simply wanted 

Cars to fly. 

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