a Poem by Raquel Swann

Something in the air

Hushed secrets 

And I’m nowhere. 

Far away from the place 

A derelict meteorite 

Lost in outer space. 

My eyes swell with hope

That someone from above 

Will lower the rope. 

Winds have changed 

And the weather is foul. 

Do you find me strange? 

When will I learn? 

The more I give

I get nothing in return.

“You’re so that, you’re so this”

I am nothing

Special to miss. 

For when I fall 

Against the ground 

Don’t worry, it’s nothing at all. 

One day I’ll see the sun

Pick myself up 

I need no one. 

As I walk into the night 

You’ll see me smile

I’m not alright. 

Don’t even ask

It’s obvious 

You’re not up for the task. 

I left dozens of clues 

Trust me, don’t wish

To walk in my shoes.  


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