Love vs. Hate 

My viewpoint on the following is based on observations I have made over the years based on relationships. Obviously there is quite the difference between blind love and blind hate. Either of which I vehemently disagree with for various reasons. 

Let’s focus on love, the emotion, the feeling, the amount of investment it takes to produce this at optimum levels. I have always felt love is necessary for us to survive. My definition is: the overwhelming desire and/or need to give all of yourself to another. This includes all aspects of life. 

Love is the reason why some of us do things  which would seem out of character. Love is giving chances to those who normally wouldn’t recieve such opportunities. Love needs to be returned at the same level in order for the balance to remain In tact. 

Hate on the other hand requires the same amount of devotion as love but to the opposite degree. My definition of hate is: the feeling of disgust and/or malice towards another for whatever reason. Normally hate is born from lost or unbalanced love. 

In summary – doesn’t it take the same level of emotional response to hate as it does to love? I mean to say, that to truly hate takes so much emotion and spending of time doing the complete opposite you would do in the case of love.

Hate is not much different from love and all who have experienced both for the same person can not see the similarities. Remember, in some cases you can be one word, or sentence, or action away from tipping the scales and replacing hatred with love. Do not give up on those scorned! There may still be a chance. 

After all – it’s when they don’t care at all – that’s when you should be worried. 

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