The Beauty

The Beauty 

a Poem By Raquel Swann

The beauty of all things

Lies within the details 

Vision forged in hate 

Cannot enjoy such a gift. 

The fluttering of a butterfly

As it dances from flower to flower 

The flowers as they sway 

To and fro 

In a light morning breeze

The breeze as it brushes 

Across our skin 

Our skin

And the variety of shades 

And hues it can be 

based on our genetic code 

The very same code 

That is identical in

All humankind 

With the exception of our soul. 

The soul 

The difference between us 

The reason why

we should

Take a second look

When all others won’t 

The person we aspire

To become from within

The truth beyond 

A facade that tells us nothing 

For a moment

For just one moment

Put away your weapons

Can you see me?  


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