Tales in a Paragraph VII

On that perfect afternoon, not much would be out of place. A light breeze from the north lowered tempurtures into the 70’s. There was not a cloud in the sky, and the view from Patrick’s window revealed trees over flowing with vibrant autumn colors. He had asked that his window be opened so he could enjoy the beautiful view from his bedside. Though unorothodox, his wish was granted by the charge nurse, Michele. Those two had engaged in many conversations over the last few months and she had grown fond of him despite the various warnings from her peers and subordinates  Although, she wouldn’t normally allow him to take liberties with his care, today was special. Patrick gripped her hand as they both gazed out the window for most of the day. As the sun began to set, Patrick’s eyes became heavy and his wearied body seemed to be out of fight. He forced a smile and whispered words of gratitude for the perfect end to a perfect day. Tears collected in her eyes as she rushed over to the wall and pressed a red button. She had called many a “Code Blue” but this one she would remember for the rest of her life. 

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