Love Affair 

Love Affair 

a Poem By Raquel Swann
You will eventually face a mirror 

And in distance behind your 

Ghastly face 

You will see the emptiness which remains

Of a house once filled with love. 

Memories of happiness will 

Flutter across your mind

Cracked lips

Protruding bones 

Bleeding sores upon your face 

Those new friends of yours didn’t care for you 

As much as you cared for them. 

Still you cling to a syringe

For dear life

Within a love affair you cant end. 

That is your future 

We are your past. 

Time machines don’t exist

But knowing what you know now 

Would you allow these outsiders entry 

Into your sacred temple again? 

A few moments amongst the clouds 

Seemed a good idea at the time. 

When you come crashing into the earth 

No one will be there to catch you.


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