Tomorrow Morning

Tomorrow Morning

a Poem by Raquel Swann


Tomorrow Morning

I cannot find the way to accept

The rules of such a cruel game

Some call it life

I call it reality

Eternal love should win the day

As it does at the conclusion of most movies

I feel as if I’m wandering aimlessly

Within a nightmare

Waiting for my alarm clock

To wake me

You would be there in the morning

To send me off to school

Just as you used to do

But I didn’t want to go

Because staying home

Was so much more satisfying

I was pampered

Homemade soup, slaved upon and served

You knew I was faking

You never cared

You smiled at me and dragged me shopping with you

That was my punishment

For staying home

But I received a toy anyway

I altered your plans

But you fit me into your busy schedule

We came home and I went to play with my toy

I couldn’t go outside

That was my punishment for faking

I had to stay home with you

I look back and wish

It was just that simple

I’d never argue again

I’d never whine about going outside

I would just let you hold me in your arms

and pray time would stop

Please just wake me up

And try to get me to go to school

I wouldn’t give it a second thought.


    1. Raquel R Swann

      Thank you. I do not have a delicious account and would appreciate that very much! I’m glad you enjoyed this poem. It was about the death of my mother. Very painful.


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