a Poem by Raquel Swann

Shivering am I

In the shadows

Without sun

Nor warmth.

Aimlessly walking

Through fields of darkness

Waiting for the light

Of your soul

To shine upon me

Delivering me from

Pain and suffering

Back to the world

From which I belong

Please, close my mind

Relieve me of these feelings

I can’t heal myself

While the wounds

Cast upon me are fresh

In my mind.

Let me but sleep

For tomorrow may

Bring tidings of joy

Which seems impossible

In my lonely, cruel existence

I am unloved

And unworthy

Of anything my

Heart desires

Please let these trapped

Tears flow from My eyes

Proving once and for all

I do have feelings

And they are real

And they are relevant.

There is a missing piece

To the puzzle in my

Frozen heart.

I can’t seem to move

My feet.

I’m numb.

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