Such Things

Such Things

a Poem by Raquel Swann

Should such things ever be spoken?

Random words placed together

So perfectly and dangerously

Causing empires to fall

Walls to shatter within an instant

Hearts fluttering as butterflies

In gusts of wind

Souls colliding in thunderous quakes

Earth beneath my feet cracking

As I sink into your thoughts

Through your eyes I see myself

A reflection of reality

Not yet achieved

A sound from your lips

Brings me to my knees

I submit humbly to the way

The world should be

Could be

Would be

Such things should only be spoken

In the midst of a new dawn

I wish this feeling of renewal

And strength will last

Until forever takes it’s last breath

Don’t you dare speak another word

Such things are irreversible.

Will I wake from this dream

Unscathed or will it forever

Alter my future?

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