You Will Find Me

You Will Find Me

a Poem By Raquel Swann

When the vile hands of despair

Has it’s grip around your throat

You will find me

Ready to defend you.

When the clouds in your eyes

Turn into a torrential downpour

You will find me

Chasing them away with a smile.
When the rage inside your soul

Builds up and escapes from your lips

You will find me

Deflecting it away from you.
When your feet won’t move
And your paralyzed with fear

You will find me

Holding your hand as we face it together.
When there are forks in the road

And you don’t know which way to go

You will find me

Helping you find your way home.
For if one day you forget these words

And seek for a friendly face amongst strangers.

You will find me

Reminding you of our friendship.

And how much it’s meant to me.

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