Freaking out

Freaking Out

a Poem by Raquel Swann

Cold from within

Even when there’s warmth

Breathing becomes a chore

I’m no longer in control

As I come unglued,

My thoughts are buzzards

Circling my mind

I am the hapless carcass

Laying upon an open road

Waiting for them to swoop in

And finish me off.

Is this my final stand?

Fight or flight.

I choose flight

While I purchase a ticket

To my happy place

The lines are too long

And there aren’t any seats left

Those that understand me

Have left me alone to suffer

My only friend is Xanax

But even it has its limits.

Seconds last for hours

As I’m trapped inside

My own wearied mind.

A prison with no escape

For the minute, hour, day.

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