All the Love You Need

a Poem by Raquel Swann

Dedicated to a friend

Through the years

We’ve traveled far and wide

I stand behind you

While you cling to the searchlight

In your hands

As if the wilderness would

Lead you to a path beyond rainbows

Where unicorns and fairies roam free.

Where wishes shall be granted.

And true love grows

From low hanging branches.

You need no ladder

Nor shoes to walk miles

To find such a place.

All the love you need

Has been with you

through painful nights

And dreary days.

Turn the searchlight around

And find I’ve been here

Waiting to be for your light

To shine upon me.

For I can be the undiscovered

Fantasy you’ve longed for.

I’ve found my unicorn,

My wishes have come true,

I was able to follow you

On this journey.

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