Introducing… Me!

I’ve been writing poems, stories, and jotting down my ideas for a while. My voice and opinions I’ve kept to myself for a long time. Probably because I know there are many in this world who don’t have an open mind. I wanted to capture my voice through writing and hope some of you could relate to me.


I am transgender. Just writing that out in a three word sentence feels so freeing. Almost unbelievable. I wouldn’t have been able to do that a few months ago. I haven’t undergone any hormone therapy, yet and live my life in secret due to the fear I would lose my job. I’m extremely proud of who I am but I don’t believe my company will feel the same. It’s unfortunate. And this girl has to make money. $$$$ My goal is to transition sooner than later.


Writing on this blog has given me the freedom to express myself while I hide in the shadows. It is one of the most important hobbies I maintain. Every single “like” I receive invigorates me and keeps me sane. So thank you! I wish to be a novelist and write stories with Transgender lead characters who are not involved in some kind of freakish sexual acts. We deserve heroes and heroines! We need a Wonder Woman or a Batman too!


I live in the USA! Virginia to be exact. You wouldn’t think of this state being as inclusive as it is but I live in an area with a ton of Military and it is a pretty cool place to be a part of the LGBTQ community. Although, for the most part, no one knows I am a part of the community just yet. I’M GETTING THERE! Actually attended my first PRIDE event last weekend!

I detest our current POTUS! Loathe. Like, I want to puke! Blaaaaaaarg!


Anyone who openly lies, when the facts are right there for all to see, is seriously fucked up. I’m not big into politics but I know evil when I see it. He cannot speak in coherent intelligible sentences – it’s like a watching a child run the country. In his words, “Sad. Loser.”

I was raised believing in Catholicism and/or Christianity. I have since evolved my thoughts on religion and believe in the theory of one god – across all religions. Meaning – the one true God who is all knowing must have realized he would need to reach out to each culture taking on a different form. I believe in life after death – and heaven. I do not think there is a hell. I think we are in “hell” now! Any place where you are criticized for being yourself must be hell! Just hearing hateful theories about the root of homosexuality makes me sad. Love is always good. Always! Would God want us to hate others based on the way they look? I think not.


I plan to write about different subjects weekly, in addition to my poetry. If you have something in mind – comment. YAS! Comment away. I love criticism that is constructive. How else will I grow as an author / blogger / writer / person? Trick question! You won’t if you can’t! The subjects I know most about are matters of the heart and human psychology. I have no degree – I’m just one of those people who can understand what others feel and how their thought processes effect judgement.

I hope you got to know me just a little bit better now. You don’t have to agree with my opinions but you can respect them as I respect yours!


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