I Am Trans…

I Am Trans

a Poem by Raquel Swann


I am trans, deal with it.

Your opinions on gender and gender identity

are like gnats flying around my face at dusk.

I’ll swat you away but you keep coming back for more,

Your empty disgusting words remind me

of the last time I had the flu and lurched.

I flushed it all away, didn’t look back,

just as I’ll do with you.

Attachment doesn’t matter to me anymore,

if you aren’t sure if you’d like to be my friend,

you can be like Houdini and disappear.

Don’t come back in a box, or a cage,

you belong in a hole,

tunneling beneath the earth,

with the other bottom feeders,

commanding each other on how to live your lives.

Following along with the masses you look at me

as if I’m alien.

I am from another planet, I’m from Venus

Mars is in the opposite direction

I traveled on a freighter

stowed away with the others

you called us derelicts.

We were accepted into love

by others so easily.

Some barely knew us

and let us into there homes and hearts.

I am trans,

deal with it.

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